Hand Sanitiser

Bulk hand sanitiser

Bulk 5L Hand Sanitiser with 71.5% Ethanol for use with our automatic hand sanitising dispensers

Product code: CHS

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In these unprecedented times, the question of how to re-open our society whilst protecting our people lingers.

Society is changing, and businesses must create safer spaces before re-opening their doors to the public. It is of upmost importance that facilities are able to protect their vulnerable clients from the outside world.

As government restrictions are lifted, you will soon be opening your doors to your clients’ relatives and visitors.

Superior Group have developed CovidGuard range using the latest technology to protect your environment, provide peace of mind to staff and the people who come through your door.


Ethanol - 71.47%

Hydrogen Peroxide - 1.25%

Enriched with softeners to prevent dry skin

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